This is the first app for iPhone and iPad released by the School of Respirology in cooperation with the Bronchoscopy Foundation. It helps the (future) bronchoscopist to acquire essential knowledge about bronchial anatomy. It contains bronchoscopy images and videos of a healthy volunteer that explain the normal anatomy. An additional tab shows the bronchial anatomy on CT scan.

TBNA - now available!

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Transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) is an important technique for bronchoscopists. To master the art of TBNA extensive knowledge of the bronchial and mediastinal anatomy is required, as well as the necessary skills for adequate lymph node sampling. For novices it is especially difficult to determine the right location to sample a lymph node. The 'TBNA' app is designed to familiarize you with a concept that is easy to apply and will help you to determine the right location in any patient. 

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